"Creativity, beauty & humor 

for unforgettable gaming experiences."

I am Marie, founder of Exquisite Games located in north France. Originally a graphic artist, I always loved the game design, so I decided to learn programming and make my own games!

    I evolved into an indie game developer/publisher and released my first game: Over The Void  on Steam and other digital distribution platforms on nov. 11, 2014.

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Exquisite Games
Exquisite Games
Exquisite Games

" Une expérience spatiale et auditive sous forme d’un plateformer 3D qui vous met au défi de dompter la gravité au travers d’univers abstraits et colorés accompagnés d’une bande son électronique envoûtante propice à la contemplation… "


                                              - InGame.fr -

"A short contemplative and elegant first-person exploration based platformer with a great sense of artistry and an engrossing soundtrack."


                                     - Indie Impressions -

"Dans un univers vibrant de couleurs et de matières, à la limite psychédélique, l’ambiance d’Over The Void est remarquable."


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